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If your Villa, B&B or Boutique Hotel in Mexico caters to foreign and domestic visitors, we'd like to list it on our site so visitors can consider it when they are making their Mexico travel plans. 

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Villa, B&B or Boutique Hotel
listings include Villa, B&B or Boutique Hotel Name, Street Address, local telephone and fax numbers and a brief description. 

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Villas and B&B's can be listed in the City Villa and Destination Services categories. Boutique Hotels, depending on number of rooms can be listed in the City Hotel, Villa and Destination Services categories.

Display Listings in the Villa, B&B or Boutique Hotel category with links to website and e-mail addresses cost $45usd per year for listing in one City category; $60usd.per year for listing in two City categories;  and, $75usd per year for listing three City categories. These listings require photographs or logo images which can be downloaded from your website. 

If interested in a Display Listing, please leave the button below checked. This authorizes us to download the required image from your website. An invoice for the first year's cost will be e-mailed. Once payment is received Display Listings start appearing with photo/logo and links. Free Listing will appear in the meantime.

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