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Being committed to developing positive user experiences on the Internet and propagating its usefulness as an information search tool, we want you to feel completely confident about your use of and the data you leave behind when visiting Know & Enjoy Mexico.

When entering any portion of our site our servers log your IP address and use it only in the event certain server problems need to be diagnosed. Your IP address appears on logs downloaded from our servers used to examine site visitor patterns. Specific IP addresses are never shared with anyone outside of our organization.

Know & Enjoy Mexico links to web-sites owned and developed by a variety of Mexico travel suppliers including Hotels, Airlines, Wholesalers, Destination Service Providers and other business entities advertising in our site.  As we are not aware what personal data, if any, each supplier collects, we cannot guarantee how they use the information you leave behind.  We do, however, recognize these companies as responsible corporate citizens who can be trusted implicitly to use such information in an ethical manner.

Areas where personal information is collected in
Know & Enjoy Mexico include our Guest Book and vendor forms provided for users to request tour and hotel reservations.  Data left in our Guest Book is public and can be seen by all site users.  Inasmuch, we urge you to use caution when disclosing personal information in our Guest Book and other Chat areas in development.

Personal information left in hotel and tour reservation forms is seen only by the vendor selected by the site visitor. A copy of all reservation requests reaches us and is used only to aggregate site traffic counts and information request patterns. Personal information entered in reservation requests is not commingled and shared among vendors.  Please note some vendors may collect the information you leave behind and use it in future proprietary marketing campaigns.

Know & Enjoy Mexico does not use "Cookies".  However, linked sites may use them and implant them on your system.

Know & Enjoy Mexico has reasonable security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

Please direct all questions regarding this privacy statement and user interaction in Know & Enjoy Mexico to Privacy Issues.

Published: July 5, 1999

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