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of business services and activities throughout Mexico.

Know & Enjoy Mexico is an interactive Mexico travel information resource with online presence since 1997. It has attended millions of queries with proven worldwide interest to all areas of Mexico ... beaches ... colonial cities ... business, industrial and commercial centers ... border cities and towns ... eco-resorts ... and many more.

Know & Enjoy Mexico has descriptive information on more than 180 cities in Mexico with related data on Hotels & Resorts ... Villas, Boutique Hotels & B&B's ... Trailer Parks ... Restaurants ... Destination Services ... Activities such as Golf, Fishing, Scuba Diving, etc ... Sightseeing Attractions ... Public Service Organizations ... adding cities as required to include information useful to domestic and international travelers.

If your business in Mexico caters to foreign and domestic visitors, we'd like to list it so our site visitors can consider it when they are making their Mexico travel plans. 

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Hotels & Resorts - Independent hotels and Management Company properties.


Villas, Boutique Hotels, B&B's - See Map of Mexico with current Display and Free Listings.

- All types, budgets, all over Mexico.

See Map of Mexico with current Display and Free Listings. - Restaurant Map Under Construction

Destination Services & Activities- Our site visitors are looking for all types of businesses.

See Existing Destination Services Categories - more can be added.

See Existing Activities Categories - more can be added.

Sightseeing Attractions - Museums, Archeological Zones, Recreational Parks ... and many more. - Sightseeing Section Under Construction

See Map of Mexico with current Display and Free Listings. - Sightseeing Map Under Construction

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